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In recent years I have started to develop my slot car and train layout in approximate HO size in the basement of our new addition. The trains are 1/87 as are the buildings, but the cars range from 1/87 to about 1/64. Such are the problems of a hobby.

The layout will develop over the next few years as our recently completed addition to our home gives me room to grow the set up. With  retirement from Lifetouch, my employer and career for most of my adult life, starting this summer, I will be able to start dedicating more time to my "room".

Slot Car racing has been a part of my life, off and on, since Junior High School. Along with sports, academics, photography, and music, motor sports has been a lifetime passion. I have found some of my old cars that were not discarded over the years, and have added to the collection as well.

The town of Cherrington will be a cityscape using a few ideas from the Lehigh Valley of PA, along with other structures that catch my fancy. It is named after my wife's maiden name. Brooklands Speedway is named after the historic site in England. It is not be a recreation of that wonderful track, as that would be too difficult to build for slot cars, but the name is important. This actual site is currently threatened by development. You can learn more about it by visiting the Brooklands link.

Lifetouch had been my employer since 1973 until I retired in 2005, and is a wonderful company. We  created memories for families, and hope that our efforts were appreciated. It has been a great company, and many of my family members have joined me working for Lifetouch. At times I still miss being an active member of the Lifetouch family.

The Cherrington Park section of the layout has not yet been built, although some structures are currently ready for that section of the layout. I have all of the basic tables built and the Brooklands layout is final, but in need of a lot of landscape finishing.

In 2015 we moved to a new home, so I had to dismantle the original Brooklands Speedway, and in January 2017 I was able to start again to build a new slot car layout in our new home's recently finished basement.

Besides this hobby, my life includes many other activities such as family, following Lehigh MountainHawk football, Church activities, Summer Harmony Men's Chorus (of which I am a charter member and serve as webmaster), my 1962 Triumph TR3B, and volunteering at America On Wheels, a new transportation museum in Allentown, and much more. I hope to get more golf  time in my schedule now that Peg and I are both retired, as well as spending more time reading, doing yard work, and playing with our granddaughter, Caty. And now we also get to spend time with our second grandchild Harry, and our youngest grandchild Hannah. Each grandchild has a few photos here on this site, as well as more on Flickr and Facebook.

The slot cars are my relaxation when time permits, and I hope to be able to share the joys of this hobby with others, both via this site, and when I can invite more friend to race at Brooklands Speedway.


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 Please click the buttons below to visit America on Wheels where I spend my free time as a docent and car detailer, the William Allen High School Class of 1968, find me on Facebook, and Summer Harmony Men's Chorus - a group I have sung with since 1991.   



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