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Photos from our 45th Reunion
The Reunion at Iron Lakes Country Club

Iron Lakes had a beautiful cake commemorating our reunion. Jade Eaton, Kathleen Ketterer Sterner, Connie Olie, Dave Reese and Dave Evans lead the singing of the Alma Mater while D.J. Jerry Deane looks on from behind.
Celebrating Allen's Homecoming and our Reunion with a replica of the football game corsage mum on each table.
Mike and Marianne Benioff, Scott and Kristen Levine and Brian Kline await their turn to visit the buffet table. The Erdmans and the Wildongers are networking around the bar.
Andy Prokop converses with Georgine West Takach while Janelle Konstam and Stu Tegor listen to Fran Hoffman Shapiro.
John Sachs and Rich Weiss renew many memories while Jay Keeler heads back to the bar.
Anne Light Hoke and Georgine West Takach compare notes on their years at Allen.
Former prom dates Stuart Teger and Fran Hoffman Shapiro relive that "magical night".
Sue Baer, Terry Millrod Noel and Susan Lutsky Juskalian smile for the camera.
Stu Teger and Martha Donley Robb mug for a photograph.
Clockwise, we have Laruen Saul, Anne Light Hoke, Carol and Chuck Campbell, Barb Cutshall Ray and Dennis Ray, and Rich and Mary Weiss.
Rob Ulaner and Charley Sieger reminisce about their experiences together 45 years ago.
Clockwise we see Rick Erdman, Andy Prokop, Georgine West Takach (behind Andy), Fran Hoffman Shapiro, Dave and Peg Cherrington Reese, Kathleen Ketterer Sterner, Conrad Olie, Carol Prokop and Lauren Erdman.
Sue Baer, Cathy Ritter Jenkins, and Terry Millrod strike a pose to preserve a memory of the reunion.
Rick and Deb Groff Reinhard, Judy Rowe Wells, Mary Tomcho and Alan Band and Paul Budline have been savoring the wonderful meal.
Continuing around the table we have Paul Budline again, then Jack Daddona, Barb Follweiler Henning, Kathy Mackes Ott, and then back to the Reinhards.
Facing the camera are Phil and Rosalind Garfinkel and Krista Hauff.
Judy Imbody Mishriki and Patti Hertz and Paul Gibberman look like they are enjoying the evening.
Walt and Mary Ellen Strauss Brosman, Kathleen and Bill Reynolds, Hank and Kathy Courtright, and Patricia and Kerry Miller celebrate the evening during dinner.
Pat Lutte and Doug Quay and Mike Tedor were among the classmates at the 45th Reunion.
Barry Westgate, Stuart Teger, and Jade Eaton seem to be having a good time at Iron Lakes, and hope to see each other again at the 50th.

Charlette Karpelenia Kohler, Don and Mary Ellen Joseph Kistler and Dennis Kristie are the group of people with last names starting with K.

Sharon and John DeBoer seem to be in a very interesting conversation.
David Heckman, Jim Hollenthoner, John and Heather Franco, and Charley Sieger have been enjoying their meals.
Charley Sieger and Janice Adams, Maryann and Dan Roach, and Jay and Cheryl Hunsicker Keeler await the serving of the coffee and cake.
Marc Evans, Terry Millrod, and Patti Hertz Gibberman strike a pose for posterity.

Pat Lutte Quay waves to the camera while Vic and Kay Sherbrick and R. Douglas Quay finish their meals.
Barb Cutshall Ray and Phil Garfinkel show off their smiles.
Front Row: Gary Frederick, Carol Campbell, and Charles Campbell. Row Two: Lauren Saul and Barb Bujcs Daher.

Fran Hoffman and Mary Ellen Joseph Kistler are glad to see each other again.

Stuart Teger and Marilyn Fetterman discuss how they would solve the problems of the world, and who they hope attends the 50th reunion.

Kerry Miller and Barb Bujcs Daher look towards the camera while Barry Westgate is in conversation in the background.
Deb Groff Reinhard and Kathy Mackes Ott join many classmates on the dance floor to show off some moves.

Chris and Chuck Ricketts enjoy a slow  spin around the dance floor.

Dave Evans gives the "V" sign while we danced to the Youngbloods' "Get Together".

Thanks to Barb Bujcs Daher, Stuart Teger, Barb Cutshall Ray and Dave Reese for the photos. If you have other photos to be added, please send them to me.

Photos from our 40th Reunion

The Building Tour on Saturday Morning

The current main entrance of William Allen High.

The new stained glass at the doors leading from the main entrance ramp to the front hall outside the auditorium.

Among the classmates on the tour, Tom Petro and Margaret Worsley Fulton smile towards the camera.

Peggy Worsley Fulton, Lydia Roth-Laube, and Marilyn Fetterman remember standing in the main hall back in the 1960's.

Tom Petro, Rick Erdman, and Dave Steidel catch up.

Peg Cherrington Reese and Sue Johnson Albertson discuss what they have done since high school while Sue's friend Jim listens in.

Terry Millrod Noel and Charlie and Janice Sieger listen to Connie Olie remember some of his best puns.

Our tour guide, Dave Steidel, is a member of our class, an Allen guidance counselor, and a published author. (Quite the resume)

Patty Hertz Gibberman, Theresa Savarese Rapp, and Lee Phillips are closest to the camera as we head through the hallways of the third floor.

Classmates and family file from the basement of the main building to the new Milo Sewards Gymnasium.

Andy Prokop points out an item while talking to Lee Phillips and Carol Tindula Prokop (Allen 1969).

Debbie Groff Reinhard and Terry Millrod Noel have different reactions to what is being said.

Some of the Allen "creatures" in the main office on top of some faculty mail boxes. Suzanne Snyder Shuey, Terry Millrod Noel, and Peggy Worsley Fulton are looking towards the camera in conversations. Judy Rowe Wells, Anita Lobach Rathburn, Gary Rathburn (back row), Sharon Crone Yapsuga, and Barb Krisko Malloy (front) listen to Dave Steidel.

Lee Phillips, Charlie Sieger, and Connie Olie, have a good laugh while students set up for the homecoming dance in the Sewards Gymnasium. Members of the Class of 1968 congregate outside the auditorium before heading out to get ready for the evening. Lee Phillips is in conversation with old friends.

The official William High School portrait of our Principal, Mr. Clifford Bartholomew, shows "Chips" holding a 1968 Comus. The main hallway looks very similar to the way it looked forty years ago. A group meeting in the gym with Deb Groff Reinhard, Terry Millrod Noel, Patti Hertz Gibberman, Judy Rowe Wells, Peg Worsley Fulton and Marilyn Fetterman

Deb Groff Reinhard and Terry Millrod discuss the wonderful pink gym suits they used to wear. Lydia Roth-Laube, Patti Hertz Gibberman, Peggy Worsley Fulton and Marilyn Fetterman smile for their photograph. A wall mural in the school shows how styles have changed since 1968.

The Reunion at the Masters at Shepherd Hills

The tables are set awaiting the start of the festive evening. The buffet area is all set including memories of the 1960's, and even cafeteria trays for those wanting the complete Allen High experience. The centerpieces echoed the fact that this night was concurrent with Allen High's Homecoming Dance.
Chuck and Carol Campbell, Sue Baer, and Jade Eaton are having a great time at the reunion. Linda Clymer Perilla renews old memories with Jim Hollenthoner near the bar at The Masters while the senior class movie plays on the big screen. Rich and Mary Weiss smile for the camera in front of canary and blue balloons.
Frank Schiaffo talks while Rob Ulaner bites his nails and Bill Snyder toasts the camera. Chuck Campbell and Rich Weiss pontificate while their wives Carol and Mary listen to their wisdom with rapt attention. Don Kernechel (center) entertains his table mates Joanne Kernechel and Richard Crownover.
Mark Epstein, Jim Wildonger, and Jim Stine recount some old pranks before dinner starts. Mike Tedor, Parke Hoover, and Rick Erdman enjoy a few adult beverages. Mary Ellen Straus Brosman cannot believe what she is hearing from Chuck Campbell, just like back at Allen.
Mike Roth listens in on a conversation between Pam Peters Roth and John Franco. Andy Prokop brings Gary Readnack and Rick Erdman up-to-date while our Lon, our bartender for the evening takes care of other thirsty classmates. Bob and Anne Melick relax after their delicious dinner.
Gail Miller, Terry Millrod Noel, and Peggy Worsley Fulton seem to be having an invigorating conversation. Barry Westgate listens carefully to Jade Eaton and Marilyn Fetterman. Rob Ulaner and Jay Diamond enjoy a moment in conversation with Jay's friend Joyce Goldklag .
Jim Stine and Marc Evans continue a discussion while Sue Baer smiles at the camera. Longtime classmates Dave Reese and Sue Baer pose for Sue's husband. Sue Baer, Jade Eaton, Patty Hertz Gibberman, Maryetta Roth and Gail Miller are all identified in this clip  from one of Sue's videos.
Howie Marcus, Phil Garfinkle and Jay Diamond enjoy a few moments together..

While Georgine West Takach and Fran Hoffman Shapiro navigate the crowd, John Franco and Dave Heckman enjoy a discussion.

Smiles abound as Judy Rowe Wells, Mary Tomcho Band and Anita Lobach Rathburn get together again.
Lydia Roth-Laube and Mary Ellen Strauss Brosman meet in front of the touching memorial that Mary Ellen put together for us all.

Marc Evans, Sue Baer, Terry Millrod Noel, Kathy Mackes Ott and Rob Ulaner pause to watch the Senior Class Movie.

Patti Hertz Gibberman, Lydia Roth-Laube, Dave Reese, and Sue Johnson Albertson line up along the wall for a group portrait.
Margaret Worsley Fulton, Terry Millrod Noel, and Linda Clymer Perilla stop drinking to smile at the camera.

Sherry Heist Gallagher and Cathy Ritter Jenkins share a happy memory.

Patti Hertz Gibberman, Kathy Mackes Ott and Lydia Roth-Laube spend a few last moments together before ending the evening.

Thanks to Sue Baer and Lydia Rothe-Laube for adding their photos to mine. If you have photos to share please send me a file with description and I will try to add them to the reunion gallery. Please also contact me using the above "send me" link regarding any errors or omissions in this gallery.


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